It’s pretty clear that the rising importance of “knowledge work” is central to the recent buzz around adaptive case management (ACM).  But what is ACM, really?   In my last blog post I talked about an incredibly exhilarating  TweetJam  session that I participated in on the subject of Mastering the Unpredictable with Adaptive Case Management ( #acmjam). 

In this post, I want to share some additional thought-provoking tweets from that session  – here are some of my favorites that I think help to illuminate the nature of knowledge work and ACM:

  •  piewords: Knowledge work needs triggers, works best with others. Collaboration increases it. #bpm can keep it on track, but not solve it. #acmjam
  • neilwd: Careful to avoid retrofitting “knowledge work” defn to fit to the #acm pattern. There’s a spectrum of work; blurred boundaries. #acmjam
  • frijswijk: One important observation i made last 2 weeks. The Business User doesn´t care about models, it finds it way to complex. #acmjam
  • piewords:  If you approach solving ACM from a #BPM angle, you will fail. Start in the middle with person working the Case, then move outward. #acmjam
  • piewords: You can model the opening of a case & the completion of a case, but the working of a case needs fluidity. #bpm #acmjam
  • cmooreforrester: knowledge work to me is when the worker has latitude to make lots of difference choices/decisions; process isn’t prescribed #acmjam
  • tomshepherd: @frijswijk Goal driven, obviously important part of work. ACM not about creating “knowledge management free for all” #acmjam
  • piewords:  The fluidity in the working of a case must be captured & categorized to be leveraged as a resource for future cases. #acmjam

and one of my most favorite observations:

  •  JoshuaWaldman:  @piewords so it’s a people first approach to processes. I dig it. #acmjam

 While Tweets can be intriguing, they are after all just 140 character (or less) snippets, so if you’re interested in learning more about adaptive case management from some very thoughtful writings, here are a few of my favorite links:

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   and last, but definitely not least:

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