In my Round Up  post last week I covered some of the highlights of the #BPM2010 conference. In this post I wanted to tell you more about the first ever ACM Mentor Camp workshop and the Cyber Roundtable we simulcast from Stevens Institute on Friday of the BPM conference.

First let me take this opportunity to thank all of the participants at the Mentor workshop and cyber roundtable.   It was my pleasure to be part of a group who are really invested and concerned with better understanding and applying approaches to improve knowledge work productivity.  Our workshop session and roundtable centered around:

  • What are the critical productivity drivers for how people work?
  • What next-generation techniques are available for managing collaborative human work?
  • How can Adaptive Case Management help to better manage the unpredictable, unstructured business processes so typical of knowledge work?
  • And, what roles will be important to the adoption of ACM? From evangelist to coach to mentor – what are the key roles and when and how can they be most effective?

Special appreciation goes out to our Roundtable panel of Keith Harrison-Broninski, landmark author of “Human Interactions: The Heart and Soul of Business,” plus Keith Swenson,  Dana Khoyi (my colleague at Global 360)  and Jacob Ukelson, all contributing authors from the recent bestseller “Mastering the Unpredictable: How Adaptive Case Management Will Revolutionize the Way That Knowledge Workers Get Things Done.”   We captured the Roundtable cybercast and you can listen to it on-demand out at “How to Improve Knowledge Work Productivity.”  

All this was just the start of a discussion in what will be an ongoing effort to help advance the productivity of knowledge workers.  I anticipate my collegues will be posting more detailed information on the findings of the workshop and next steps – so stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you’re interested and want to learn more,  I’d like to extend our invitation to become part of the “ACM Mentor” movement! You can find out more at,  by following #acmjam on Twitter and by joining our LinkedIn Group on Adaptive Case Management.

And, if you have just a few minutes and want to smile I also invite you to take a look at this great TED video on “How to Start a Movement” and you’ll see just how important you are to making all this a reality!