My article “How Adaptive Case Management Supports Information Agility” recently appeared on CMS Wire and I’ve received some good feedback on the premise of the piece…

Because information fuels your business decisions, it is most valuable when properly served and effectively consumed by your critical business processes. The goal is better business decisions. The question to consider then is “How can I get the most value from information? “ More often than not, applying adaptive case management to deliver information to your knowledge workers could be the answer.  

I’ve also received a number of inquiries from readers who wanted to know more about the ‘What and Why’ of Adaptive Case Management.  If you’re interested, I recommend viewing this short ACM Video Clip out on YouTube of an interview I recently did with two of my colleagues,  case management experts Tom Shepherd and Dana Khoyi.

Hope you will check out the article (and the video) and please share your comments!