The Government Finance Officers Assocation GFOA   just released a new whitepaper Making Government Work Better with Lean Process Improvement.   The paper describes the Lean process improvement method, how to move forward with Lean, and the experiences of local governments that have used Lean. 

As a contributor to this paper, I’m excited about how it turned out and think that the focus on value to the customer – the citizen – is a great approach.  The paper includes some practical techniques for getting started with Lean  process improvement that are useful for both the public and commercial sectors; including:

 • Use the Five Whys to explore the cause and effect relationships underlying a particular problem.

Think about Self-service. Don’t forget that Customers of the process may be able to perform certain steps better and faster than other participants.

“Go Green” to drive Lean.  Lost or delayed paper is a key source of waste, and an electronic document can enable previously sequential tasks to take place in parallel. So save those trees!

 That’s just three of my favorites – there’s more good ideas there, so be  sure to download the e-paper (feel free to share BUT please don’t print and we can save some trees! ).

And while your in a reading mood, for process improvement insights and examples, I also recommend this executive whitepaper by industry experts Terry Schurter and Nathaniel Palmer – Catalyst for Change: How Business Process Management can help government agencies improve operational performance and transparency