My eBook is now available! Thanks to the more than 700 people who have downloaded it so far.  You can get a copy out at Global 360  Better Together  (requires registration) or at Nothing But SharePoint.  

 Appreciate the comments so far…

 “These are first person, real world stories, with no “Geek Speak”. Business Process Management is the next growing stage in SharePoint. Reading Deb’s book will give you the ideas you’ll need to get started in BPM. ”  – Mark Miller (EUSP)

The eBook includes a collection of articles originally published on EUSP that describe how process and content together are a powerful means to make better business decisions.  These stories exemplify how commercial and government organizations are using powerful content tools like SharePoint with Business Process Management technology and methodology to drive performance improvement.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction  
  • Remember Minority Report?  
  • Find your Productivity Loop  
  • Backslide
  • Don’t talk to customers
  • SharePoint: It’s not just a destination, it’s a journey
  • The Power of Positive Pessimism

Let me know which story resonated with you and also would be glad to hear your own stories and comments!