An on-demand version of the webinar  Practical Approach to Get Started with Process Improvement is now available.  Registration is required but it is well worth the time to view this 30 minute educational session.   In my previous post It’s not where you finish, it’s where you start , I promised to share this link once it became available.  

The webinar includes an interesting discussion for those concerned with successful BPM projects.  Editor-in-Chief and well-known industry expert Nathaniel Palmer and Global 360′s Donna Tellam are both experienced practitioners and excellent presenters. 

Nathaniel does a great section on developing a narrative first, rather than jumping into boxes and lines process modeling.  I especially like this approach because it is useful for both structured and unstructured process patterns.

Donna who is an expert  in user experience design (and helped conduct the AME Learning Labs  last November to rave reviews), shares some great techniques to put the “user” at the center of your design and involve the process participants ” early and often.” 

I participated in this webinar when it livecasted and have since listened twice to the replay – there is a lot in there to learn from!