The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is a present to dog lovers everywhere… and I am certainly one.  This year the show is different, and even better. For the first time, all dogs – purebred and mixed breeds – are competing in a new Masters Agility Championship.Tails are wagging around the world in appreciation. This has inspired me to write about another kind of Westminster tale, one that offers important lessons for those who pursue brand excellence.

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The insurance industry is experiencing a major shift in market behavior. Whether this becomes a perfect storm for failure or a new growth opportunity will depend on the insurer’s ability to respond to the sea change. Check out my latest article in CMSWire where I look at the challenges insurers are facing, whether they are a duck, a gekko or an elephant 🙂

A Simple Plan: How Case Management Helps Financial Institutions
While it’s no secret that lenders are looking for better ways to simplify, streamline and continuously improve the loans, credit and financing processes within their organizations, it’s not always clear to them what changes will have the greatest impact.

A few months ago I helped conduct a survey of North American retail banking executives to examine current trends in optimizing loan processing. We found that most executives are not satisfied with their current environment and see loan complexity as the major factor driving the need to improve performance.

A simple plan then to apply technology to remove complexity should be the answer. However, just as in the movie “A Simple Plan”* we can all appreciate that nothing is really ever that simple. There is solid evidence though that Case Management can make a significant impact.

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 Inspired by my twin passions for process improvement (using BPM and Case Management) and the BBC, here is my latest article on CMSWire…

Being Human: Why Knowledge Workers Need Adaptive Case Management

“If a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire can appreciate how difficult it is Being Human, so can a  BPM practitioner”  – Anonymous

How important is the human factor in driving meaningful process improvements for your business? 

I believe it is THE most important, and arguably the most difficult, aspect of any effort to improve performance.  I recently participated in an educational virtual summit aptly titled ACMLive that considers what it takes to properly support human knowledge work.  I share some of the ideas discussed at that summit in this installment of my ACM article series, and take a look at ways that  Adaptive Case Management is helping  Business Process Management (BPM)  practitioners  succeed with the complex task of involving people in process  improvement.   Read the enire article  at CMSWire: Being Human

Check out my latest article on process improvement. Inspired in part by the movie The Right Stuff, it’s a bit of a walk down memory lane.

When products are comparable what do you do to differentiate?  Customer experience and speed of deliverying results are how automotive leasing and financing companies are capturing and keeping customers.  Case Management is the tool they are using. I recently wrote about this in my adaptive case management series in CMSWire.