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 “These are first person, real world stories, with no “Geek Speak”. Business Process Management is the next growing stage in SharePoint. Reading Deb’s book will give you the ideas you’ll need to get started in BPM. ”  – Mark Miller (EUSP)



I’ve just completed the sixth and final article in my series on process-enabling SharePoint to create solutions that will help you outperform your Industry.   My premise is that a winning attitude combined with the right  process and technology can make all the difference to your business  in today’s economic climate.   I share some lessons learned from a “rock climber” extraordinaire and what I consider to be “rock star” supply chain leaders.  Odd combination? Well, check out “The Power of Positive Pessimism” and let me know what you think. 

And, while you’re thinking about attitude, I recommend you read “Managing Problems You Can’t Fix” – this blog post will give you a different perspective on finding solutions.

The next article in my SharePoint series appeared today on EUSP

Don’t talk to customers

Guest Author: Deb Miller Global 360 Inc. Companies need to stop talking to customers? Yes! That is, stop wasting your time and your customers’ time talking about items like credit disputes or missing approval documents. Instead, you can automate and streamline key processes like dispute resolution using business process management (BPM) and SharePoint.  You’ll have more quality time then to listen to your customers, and to apply your people and technology resources to engage… [Read more]

Co-authors Luke and Nick

Co-authors Luke and Nick

My latest article – Backslide  on EndUserSharePoint – focuses on the challenges of process change, user adoption, and dealing with backslide issues.  If you don’t pay attention to making process improvements stick, then you risk losing the gains you’ve made.  Check it out

Also, there’s a great interview out at that explores one example.

I’m contributing a 6-part series of articles to  to take a look at what might be possible when you combine the “familiar face” of SharePoint and  business process management.  Hope you’ll check it out and comment with your own viewpoint and experiences.    

The first article appeared last week:

Remember Minority Report?  …While we haven’t figured out how to stop crime before it happens, organizations like LA County are doing a better job managing our criminal justice information for the greater good.  The recipe for success?…Securely process-enable the data locked away in systems such as SharePoint.

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