It has been a while since I posted to this BLOG and much has been happening in the world of adaptive case management (or dynamic case management as many refer to it).  

I just returned from this year’s Forrester Business Process Conference (#BPF11) in Boston and once again gained some great industry insights. I was especially taken by the keynote from Forrester’s Craig Le Clair who has done some outstanding work on the role of dynamic or adaptive case management in achieving business improvement. Craig was joined by Steven J. Spear, Senior Lecturer at MIT, expert on achieving operational excellence and author of “The High-Velocity Edge.” Together their message focused on what needs to happen differently for our business process solutions to meet today’s more demanding customer expectations.  READ MORE

Also be sure to check out my article series in CMSWire – my latest are:

 “How Community Banks Can Use Adaptive Case Management to Cost Effectively Capture and Service New Customers“. I review three key areas where case management can facilitate positive change: “focus on customers, not products”, “integrate process and content for better decision making”, and “respond to unpredictable events and exceptions”.

How Adaptive Case Management Can Help Businesses Innovate where I talk about the big breakthrough value with adaptive case management (ACM) coming from solutions driven by those who are technology-agnostic, who simply want the business results that adaptive case management can deliver. In this article I explore how forward-thinking business leaders will use adaptive case management, including some of its social business aspects, to help foster knowledge worker innovation and win market share.