ArtvsScienceThere is a long-standing debate as to how much of customer experience management is science and how much is art.

As you decide where you weigh in on the question, here are two [of my personal] customer experiences for your consideration. While one experience is a customer satisfaction triumph and a pleasure to share, the other tells a cautionary tale. They both illustrate the critically important role technology can play, blending science and art to create positive impressions and continuing customer loyalty.  Read more at CMSWire


How Adaptive Case Management Transforms the Customer Experience

It’s Oscar season again and while Argo and Life of Pi walked away with the awards this year, I’ve been thinking about a past classic.  The Wizard of Oz happens to be one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies of all time. I will probably be first in line to see the prequel Oz the Great and Powerful, which arrives in theatres this month. Not only does my inner child love everything about the Oz stories, my adult persona believes there are important business lessons to be found there.

In this article I look through the lens of three iconic scenes from Oz to see how case management can help create great customer experience.   Read on at CMSWire my pretty

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